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Handmade textiles...

I keep returning to handmade textile work. It seems to be a basic part of me.

Many of the creations here were experiments and learning again to do hand work after years of working with computers.

I've always done a little textile jewellery and wearable art, but at university I was more into coiling than tapestry and generally I loved raffia way more than yarn, even working later on for a short time making raffia hats for a fashionable millener.

I seem to be always working in that point between each category of art or craft, and never quite fitting in any of them.

I was looking for something to do that didn't cause neck pain, and tapestry leapt out at me. Like painting it could be done in an upright position.

I never imagined doing tapestry again, after my tiny, frustrated effort as a first year textiles student. It may be that doing graphic design has made me more patient! Or perhaps it is just age...

I'm not saying I'm a master craftsperson! I'm just making and letting the medium take me where it will. I work within the confines of each material and my social anxiey, which definitely inhibits my networking ability! (It doesn't matter - there's room for art in any life and we don't all have to be the same).



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