I divide my textile work into several categories. Some I consider design, some craft, some art. It's all very arbitrary.

I think of 'craft' in two opposing ways I suppose. Some craft isn't what I do because I'm not good enough. The kind of craft where people can replicate almost exactly the things they do, creating editions(art) or a product(craft). Some craft isn't what I do because I don't think of myself as an amateur (although I may in some techniques and to some people). This could be just snobbery on my part.

I do my craft in a way that I think of as more of an artistic approach, in that I care less about the process and more about what I'm trying to say, or the result.

With tapestry, I know that using a cartoon would probably give me a better and more controlled result, but I do like the less constrained feeling of creativity from weaving without one.




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