Atomic Art

Art Group - Brisbane AU 1990s

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atomic art ephemera


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A A Real Fur


Metro Cafe

Crossroads Metro Arts


Espercronos - Bartleme Galleries


Headtastic - Bartleme Galleries


Silicon doily sculpture - Surface - group exhibition Smith & Stonely 1998.

Something delicate reinterpreted through an industrial building material.

Made from silicon. Turned out to be a very ephemeral piece since people walked all over it at the opening and it was too filthy to keep. Unexpected interactions! I guess it needed more obvious lighting to point it out...

(...and I had all these ideas for what to do with it next! It was quite painful on my hands doing that much silicon work though, so I stopped at this one piece.)

I'm not sure what I called it...

Click image for larger version.

(not sure how I spelt it at the time, but it was meant to be odd) - Installation/sculpture/artwork - condoms and cd cases. Name of group exhibition? Whitebox Gallery, Brisbane AU.



image here or just diagram or drawing of memory

Soapbox group exhibition - latex work on wall - do I have a photo?

Latex and black paint in the shape of an alchemy symbol...


soapbox window heads

soapbox window heads

Specimen - with Atomic Art

Site-specific Atomic Art group installation work.

Enter the circular curtain. The artists eyes stare down on a path around a raised dias of government-floor-reminiscent lino with an office chair. Above, Donna Free ceramic angelic/demonic figures hover.

The circle leads you to two booths, with music and sounds.

One is bright, with cacophonous sounds of war, a vintage hospital cabinet and some odd-looking instruments.

The other is dark, with strange textures of rubber and fur and large buttons - Teenage Russian Spy plays when you press one.

Big Brother or unemployment queue PTSD? Hot war, cold war, nuclear fear and fake fur.


World Saving Wand, unused.

Sculpture from Metro Arts member (or studios?) exhibition - note to self - find image on slide?


- made from black stockings, beads and chrome plated wire (which I wore everyday at the time) - all reused materials.

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