Locker hooking





Shards xxxx Locker hooked rug or wall hanging with reused fabric and fabric scraps on and cotton and synthetic base(I was attempting to have a no waste studio - that's hard!). -- Click this image for larger version.



Nodes - xxx - Locker hooked rug or wall hanging. -- Click this image for larger version.


These are fun to make and the images are constructed much like a tapestry.

After a bout of inflammatory arthritis, I was looking for something that I could do without bending my neck. This is what brought me back to tapestry, which I had only tried once at Uni in 1984.

Maybe these should be called 'wall hangings' rather than rugs. They aren't overly practical. You can't toss them in the washing machine, and who wants to use toxic dry cleaning? I recommend stomping on these in a big tub or bathtub and probably don't use them as a rug unless you are OK with them being destroyed in a few years.

Framents - xxx - Locker hooked rug. Need better image here...