Installations, site-specific work or sculptures.
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'Circuit Breaker' installation

'Solitary Confinement'

Boggo Road Prison Exhibtion

Tape, cd cases


Espercronos - Bartleme Galleries


Headtastic - Bartleme Galleries


Silicon doily sculpture - Surface - group exhibition Smith & Stonely 1998.

Something delicate reinterpreted through an industrial building material.

Made from silicon. Turned out to be a very ephemeral piece since people walked all over it at the opening and it was too filthy to keep. Unexpected interactions! I guess it needed more obvious lighting to point it out...

(...and I had all these ideas for what to do with it next! It was quite painful on my hands doing that much silicon work though, so I stopped at this one piece.)

I'm not sure what I called it...

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(not sure how I spelt it at the time, but it was meant to be odd) - Installation/sculpture/artwork - condoms and cd cases. Name of group exhibition? Whitebox Gallery, Brisbane AU.



image here or just diagram or drawing of memory

Soapbox group exhibition - latex work on wall - do I have a photo?

Latex and black paint in the shape of an alchemy symbol...


soapbox window heads

soapbox window heads

Specimen - with Atomic Art

Site-specific Atomic Art group installation work.

Enter the circular curtain. Large prints of the artists' eyes stare down on a path around a raised dias of government-floor-reminiscent lino with an office chair. Above, Donna Free ceramic angelic/demonic figures hover.

The circle leads you to two booths, with music and sounds.

One is bright, with cacophonous sounds of war, a vintage hospital cabinet and some odd-looking instruments.

The other is dark, things glowing under a black light, with strange textures of rubber and fur and large buttons - Teenage Russian Spy plays when you press one. I think there were chewing sounds on the other.

Big Brother or unemployment queue PTSD? Hot war, cold war, nuclear fear and fake fur.

Atomic Art - Brad Nunn, Kirsti Watson, Neil Degney, Donna Free, Geoff Corbett and Rosz Craig.


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