I'm mainly working on tapestry at the moment.

My current thought is that I may as well put any effort I make into doing actual art. It sells less, but makes more each sale - it works out about the same anyway.

Textile jewellery is something I've always liked doing, but it sells sporadically. There is a market, but I'm not good enough at finding it or being consistent with my work. Shops that worked didn't last. My networking skills suck. My online shop is on hiatus because I'm worn out with the selling part of all this (plus you know, COVID threws some spanners in).

Trying to use old materials or reuse materials is a thing that draws me in at times. Love Reverse Garbage Emporium, but it's a lot of effort to sell for so little.

Pin cushions sell well enough... Making them though, like most of these types of crafts, kills my neck.

Locker hooking is fun, but not something that is overly functional or that I've found sells. Great for using up old fabric.




locker hooking
textile jewellery
pin cushions
plaited rugs

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