I'm an Australian visual artist. After having worked for years with computers, doing print graphic design and digitally created and printed artwork, I've rediscovered using my hands.

I use diverse mediums, including tapestry, textile sculpture and digital artwork to explore existential themes. Sometimes I just explore the creating itself, believing that art is inherently conceptual, an intangible bubbling up from the subconscious.

While finding great joy in some of the art of Fluxus movement, I also love Bauhaus textiles and design. I don’t find one category of art superior to another. Art is not one thing. I love Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Ruth Asawa, Max Ernst, Gilbert and George and Margaret Olley.

I was greatly inspired by Silvia Heyden’s philosophy about tapestry being it’s own artform. She said it shouldn’t be just a copy of a drawing or painting and that the technical realities of the medium stimulate inventiveness by creating limits.

I’m not a great networker, being a bit of a hermit at times because of my social anxiety. I have an early digital artwork in the Museum of Brisbane collection (presumably if it’s still there). I haven’t exhibited recently.



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